Dominion Power Receives Federal Grant to Jump Start Wind Energy Development Off Virginia Beach

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Department of Energy announced today that Dominion Virginia Power has received a $47 million grant to fund a wind turbine demonstration project off the coast of Virginia. This will be for the construction of two Alstom six megawatt wind turbines on the western edge of the previously approved Virginia Offshore Wind Development area. These test turbines will use an innovative steel structure developed in concert with Huntington–Ingalls/Newport News. This will be the first use of these very large wind turbines in North America. 


Dominion will construct the two test turbines over the next two years and put them into domestic energy production in 2017.  After they enter into domestic service, Dominion will gather extensive data on wind speed at the height of the turbine hub, as well as other data on structure twisting, ocean swell and a multitude of data necessary for the creation of large-scale wind development off the coast of Virginia.


Dominion Power was previously awarded the lease for the Virginia Offshore area, which has the potential to create a multibillion industry for Virginia. 


Mayor Will Sessoms said, “This was a great day for the economy of Virginia and for the environment, and is the next step for making the waters off Virginia Beach the Silicon Valley for wind development of the East Coast.”  Mayor Will Sessoms went on to say that, “this grant from the Department of Energy was another step in the strategy that the City Council has been pursuing as a priority for many years to establish wind energy off the coast of Virginia Beach.  This included participation in the Virginia Offshore Wind Coalition, the funding of studies of the Chesapeake Light Tower as a MET Tower for wind and other atmospheric information procurement, and the active participation of the City in the Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority (VOWDA).” 


For additional information, call Robert Matthias at 385-8267.


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