Free City Garage Parking Available at Oceanfront This Weekend

Irene #003 – 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In anticipation of Hurricane Irene, the city parking garages at the Oceanfront will be open to anyone who wants to keep their vehicles on higher ground.

  • The 9th Street and 31st Street garages will be open starting noon Saturday.
  • The 9th Street garage will be open to vehicles and small campers (not to exceed 7 feet).
  • The 31st Street garage will be open to vehicles only (no campers).
  • Gates at surface lots will be open beginning 5 pm Saturday, but realize that the surface lots are not on higher ground
  • Vehicles may remain in the garages through Monday at no charge.
  • The city is not responsible for any damage to vehicles while parked in city garages.

Emergency preparedness information is available on the city’s website at:

For up-to-date storm information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or call VB311 Citizen Services by dialing 311 on landlines within the city limits, (757) 385-3111 by cell phone, or visit for online assistance. 


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