Planning Commission Membership Changes

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

At its regular monthly meeting on Dec. 11, the Planning Commission bid farewell to three members. Each began his term of service in January 2006. As of Dec. 31, the maximum of two terms will come to an end. The departing members are:

·         Jay Bernas, At-Large Representative (Chair in 2012 and 2013)

·         Albert N. Henley, At-Large Representative

·         Henry L. Livas, Jr., Kempsville District Representative


Each was instrumental in developing some of the most significant plans, policies and zoning regulations in the city’s history, including the 2009 Comprehensive Plan, eight Strategic Growth Area Plans,  the Sustainability Plan, the APZ-1/Clear Zone Master Plan, the Interfacility Traffic Area and Vicinity Master Plan, and the Oceanfront Resort District Form-Based Code.


Also at the Dec. 11 meeting, the commission elected the following members as new officers:

·         Chair – David S. Redmond, Bayside District Representative

·         Vice-Chair – Jeff Hodgson, Beach District Representative

·         Secretary – Robert ‘Bob’ Thornton, Lynnhaven District Representative


The City Council has appointed two new members: Dee Oliver and Michael E. Inman. The council will appoint a third new member in 2014.


The Virginia Beach Planning Commission reviews applications submitted for changes to zoning districts, conditional use permits, street closures, zoning ordinance and plan amendments, and other land use and zoning matters. The Commission makes a recommendation on each item to City Council, which then makes the final determination.


For additional information, please contact Stephen White in the Planning Department at (757) 385-8610 or visit


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