False Alarm Reduction - Phase Two

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Virginia Beach Police Department is announcing the implementation of phase two of the False Alarm Reduction Program, effective January 1, 2014.  The goal of the False Alarm Reduction Program is to reduce the number of false alarms generated by alarm owners and operators and to help maximize the use of police resources.         

In this second phase of the program, manually triggered alarms, with the exception of medically related alarms, will now be included.  Examples of manually triggered alarms include panic, duress, and hold-up alarms.  There are approximately 1,800 of those types of alarm calls each year. 

The first two false alarms at any location within a year will not result in a fee. The third false alarm and each subsequent false alarm within a one year period will result in a fee - $150 for residential and $250 for commercial alarms.  Failing to register or pay false alarm response fees may place the alarm location in a “No Response” category where police units may not respond to future alarms until the location comes into compliance.

We believe this step will continue with the success established in phase one of the program.   Prior to the implementation of the False Alarm Reduction Program in 2009, the Virginia Beach Police Department averaged more than 22,000 false alarm calls each year, with a peak of more than 27,000 in 2002.  After implementation, the number of false alarm calls was reduced from 22,049 in 2008 to 14,952 in 2012, a 32% reduction.   

As reminder, all owners of monitored alarm systems must register their alarms with the Police Department.  Registration provides the Police Department and responding officers with up to date information for emergency contacts and other emergency information at that location, such as medical problems, special need children or senior citizens, and hazardous materials on site.  The registration fee is $10.00. 

For more information please contact our False Alarm Reduction Coordinator, Master Police Officer Jeffrey B. Jensen at 385-1739, or email JJensen@VBgov.com.

Thank you for working with the City of Virginia Beach and the Virginia Beach Police Department to maximize its resources.