Virginia Beach Mosquito Control Announces Increase in WNV Activity

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Virginia Beach Mosquito Control is reporting increased West Nile Virus (WNV) mosquito activity in certain areas of Virginia Beach.   Officials have conducted weekly tests throughout the City since June and received positive results in five areas:  

  • Larkspur Meadows neighborhood
  • Great Neck area
  • Oceana Village
  • London Bridge Road (north end)
  • Pembroke on Constitution Avenue

Dreda Symonds, biologist with Mosquito Control, points out that August and September are historically the time of year when WNV is most active.  The primary vector of WNV in our region is Cx. pipiens / restuans, which breeds in water with a higher organic content, so larvaciding efforts by Mosquito Control will focus on stagnant water where mosquitoes may be breeding, such as ditches, stormwater catch basins, standing water in horse pastures and other areas. 

Night-time spraying efforts are being increased, and drainage maintenance crews are clearing clogged ditches and pulling debris from drainage pipes to keep water moving and reduce the number of breeding sites.  

Residents are urged to dump any containers that may catch and hold rainwater since these can be prime breeding sites for mosquitoes. 

Symonds emphasizes that anyone working outside - especially from dusk to dawn - wear insect repellent.  The forecast is for very nice evening temperatures also, which means that more people may be outside later and more apt to be exposed to mosquito bites.

The biology lab will continue to monitor and test mosquitoes, and will release additional information if WNV activity continues to increase and spread to other areas.


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