City Releases New Redistricting Proposal

Friday, August 12, 2011

The City of Virginia Beach has released a new proposal for its upcoming redistricting.  The proposal is named “City Council Liaison Proposal 2, Amended D, created August 11, 2011” and can be viewed at  Redistricting, which takes place every ten years, is required by Virginia law.


The city encourages citizens to visit to view all of the redistricting proposals, particularly the most recent ones.  Citizens can also submit alternative plans.  The site includes maps and data for current City Council districts, census figures and past presentations to the City Council.


The Council is tentatively scheduled to approve a proposal for new residence districts on Tuesday, Aug. 23.


The redistricting website is maintained by Kimball Brace of Election Data Services Inc., a Manassas firm hired by the city to help with the redistricting process.  He can be contacted at (703) 580-7267 or  Members of the City Council can be reached at


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