New Boundaries Will Affect Voters in Aug. 23 Democratic Primary

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Democratic primary election will be held in the 90th House District on Tuesday, Aug. 23.


The 90th House district formerly included all voters in Virginia Beach who lived in the Baker and Newtown precincts. The Virginia General Assembly has created new boundaries for this district. As a result, the voters in the Virginia Beach precincts of College Park, Sherry Park and Davis Corner are now in the 90th.


Likewise, the new boundaries also will affect voters in the Virginia Beach precincts of Reon, Shell, and Aragona. The General Assembly has split these precincts and as a result, some voters in these precincts are now in the 90th House District and are eligible to vote in the primary election.

Voters affected by the new boundary lines have received voter cards from the State Board of Elections.


The Virginia Beach City Council has taken appropriate steps to approve new precinct boundary lines to take effect in the November general election. This will ensure that there are no split precincts. Everyone voting in each precinct will have the same ballot. All registered voters will be notified of their new precincts.


For additional information, contact the Office of the Voter Registrar at (757) 385-8683.


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