Mayor to Recognize 1st Person to Complete Mayor’s Action Challenge: 500 Families Financially Fit for the Future

Monday, August 19, 2013


Virginia Beach Mayor William D. Sessoms, Jr.
and Nichelle Johnson


Tuesday, August 20 at 3:30 p.m.


A meet and greet to recognize Nichelle Johnson, the first citizen to complete the Mayor’s Action Challenge: 500 Families Financially Fit for the Future.


City Council Chamber, City Hall, 2401 Courthouse Dr., Bldg. 1, Virginia Beach


Nichelle Johnson is a single mom of two teens who moved back to the area in 2008.  She has sustained her family with a part-time income and now is making plans for her first child to go to school debt-free.  Nichelle took advantage of a matched savings program that is offered in partnership with Bank On Virginia Beach.  By saving $150 of her own funds she received $150 matched savings to establish a $300 emergency fund.  Once emergency savings is in place, she can mitigate the impact of unexpected expenses by borrowing from her own funds and repaying.  During the program, she was able to move into her own place with her children and establish greater independence. 


Nichelle attended monthly Bank On classes over a period of 10 months and worked individually with her financial coach who will be on hand to acknowledge her accomplishments on the 20th.  The Matched Savings Program is made possible through a community partnership with the Interfaith Alliance at the Beach (IAB), Catholic Charities and Women Helping Women, a nonprofit group operating out of Enoch Baptist Church.  The IAB spearheaded fundraising and worked with Catholic Charities to secure a grant through the Catholic Diocese.  The Human Services Department coordinates the Bank On Virginia Beach program with banks, credit unions, and other community partners providing volunteer classroom instructors and coaches. The program has received recognition in a CUNA award to Beach Municipal Employees Credit Union and by the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences for community partnership.