New Oceanfront Area Recycling Drop-Off Site Now Available

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Recycling Drop-Off is now available in the Oceanfront area of the city. The new site is located beside the Oceana ball field, 229 First Colonial Road, just south of Virginia Beach Boulevard. 

Recyclables accepted are the same as the curbside program: cardboard, paper, metal food containers as well as plastic and glass bottles. The Oceanfront area had a significant need for improved access to recycling drop-off, with the next closest site over six miles away. 

The Resort Area Commission (RAC) G.R.E.E.N. Committee, on which Councilman John Uhrin serves and Laura Habr chairs, identified Oceanfront recycling as a priority and assisted City staff with the site selection. In addition to working with the committee, the Public Works/Waste Management Recycling Team coordinated with numerous City staff members from Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Strategic Growth Area Office, Management Services and more to select, design, and prepare the site.

This collaborative effort will result in the opportunity for more sustainable living in Virginia Beach.  A “Flatten Your Boxes” campaign is also being kicked-off with the opening of this site. Empty boxes waste space, while flattened boxes for recycling save space, increase holding capacity, save money, reduce fuel consumption, reduce potential litter, and show respect for the next user of the drop-off site.

For more information on sustainable living through recycling, contact Linda S. Minner with Public Works/Waste Management at (757) 385-8595 or visit


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