City Auditor Releases Annual Audit Schedule

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

City Auditor Lyndon S. Remias has released the schedule for audit projects to be undertaken in fiscal year 2014. The city auditor, who is appointed by the City Council, promotes accountability and integrity in city operations by conducting audits and investigating claims of city government waste, fraud and abuse.


Among the audits scheduled for fiscal year 2014 are:

·         An audit of the Animal Care and Adoption Center to ensure policies and procedures are designed and implemented to achieve the center’s objectives. 

·         A review of voter registration, voter participation and the safeguarding of voter records to ensure compliance with federal, state and local law and regulations.

·         A review of the capital projects closeout process to ensure projects are closed in a timely manner and unexpended funds are accounted for properly.


“I am excited about the areas we will be reviewing in fiscal year 2014,” City Auditor Lyndon Remias said.  “This audit plan includes areas we have not delved into previously and I think our audits will continue to help strengthen accountability and operating controls throughout the city.”


Per City Code 2-466, at the beginning of each fiscal year, the city auditor submits an annual audit schedule to the audit committee for review and comment. The schedule includes the proposed plan and the rationale for the selections for auditing departments, offices, boards, activities, contractors and agencies for the period.


The city auditor has produced an audit schedule based on the auditor’s priorities for the year and suggestions and input from city employees, city departments and Virginia Beach residents.  The 2013-14 audit schedule was presented by the city auditor to the Audit Committee on June 20 and sent to City Council, department directors, constitutional officers and appointed officials. 


To view the entire fiscal year 2014 audit schedule, please visit Audit reports from the past four years also can also be found at this site.


For more information, contact Lyndon Remias at (757) 385-5870 or


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