Virginia Beach Promotes April as Financial Capability Month Offering Easy Access to Financial Empowerment Resources

Monday, April 01, 2013

The City of Virginia Beach is promoting April as Financial Capability Month, with Financial Empowerment initiatives developed through the Human Services Department offering opportunities for citizens to gain greater financial capability.


Actions you can take to improve your financial capability:

  1. Join the Mayor’s Action Challenge for 500 Families Financially Fit for the Future.  Demonstrate your financial fitness by completing the actions outlined in the Financial Empowerment Passport.

  2. Join Bank On Virginia Beach.  New classes begin in April with schedules for everyone, including day, evening and even weekend classes.  Ten monthly classes combined with personal financial coaching will help you create your financial plan.

  3. Make savings a priority by saving automatically.  Virginia Saves encourages everyone to put savings on auto-pilot to increase your financial cushion when unexpected expenses come.  Savings is the key to breaking the payday living cycle.

  4. Improve your credit.  Visit and get your free annual credit report from any of the three credit reporting agencies.

  5. Review your credit report and correct any inaccuracies.  Get the Federal Trade Commission’s guide for cleaning your credit report yourself.

  6. Use Free File to prepare your taxes:  for low- to moderate-income families, tax preparation can be free.  Visit the Earned Income Tax Credit Web page to see all your options at tax time, including self-preparation or volunteer income tax assistance.

  7. Establish your retirement savings goal.  Use the American Savings Education Council’s Ballpark Estimate tool to see how much you should save to meet your retirement needs.

Find more information, check out the Human Services Department’s Financial Empowerment newsletter, visit the Financial Empowerment Web Page or call (757) 385-3551.


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