Police to Conduct St. Patrick’s Day Checkpoints

Friday, March 15, 2013


In anticipation of the number of individuals celebrating St Patrick’s Day this week, officers from the Virginia Beach Police Department will be conducting numerous traffic safety checkpoints and saturation patrols.


In the year 2012, Virginia Beach Police Officers arrested 2,369 individuals for Driving under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs.  Of the 15 fatal crashes that occurred in 2012, 46% of them involved alcohol or drugs. 


These checkpoints and saturation patrols represent the Police Department’s efforts to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the roadways of Virginia Beach.  Those traveling in and around Virginia Beach may see message boards reminding them to celebrate responsibly.  Partygoers that decide to drink should make arrangements to have a designated driver to ensure they return home safely.  They should also keep in mind that officers will hold multiple saturation patrols and checkpoints throughout the weekends before and after St. Patrick’s Day.  The Virginia Beach Police Department takes a serious stance on addressing impaired driving and wants all citizens to arrive at their destination safely.


For those individuals that have vehicles parked in one of the Municipal Parking Lots located at the oceanfront at 2nd, 4th, 19th, or 25th Streets, or Rudee Loop and realize they have had too much to drink are reminded of the city’s “Do Not Tow” program.  An individual who thinks they may have had too much to drink simply needs to contact any police officer they see or call 385-5000 to avoid having their vehicle towed.