Virginia Beach Television (VBTV) Channel 46 Improved To Help Keep Citizens Better Informed

Friday, January 18, 2013

The City of Virginia Beach municipal television station, VBTV, has enhanced its service delivery on Channel 46 (available on Cox and Verizon cable systems). Enhancements include a redesign of the channel featuring three separate zones of information, the addition of short public service videos and the addition of news crawls for city and school information.


This 24/7 channel is designed to keep citizens informed about what’s happening in Virginia Beach by displaying current news from official city and school sources, details of upcoming public meetings and events, and short public service videos, such as anti-crime tips from the Police Department and explanations of the new flashing yellow left turn signal that the city is testing at some intersections. Additionally, during emergency or weather events, the city will use Channel 46 to disseminate timely and relevant information to the public.


The channel’s new design features three zones, each displaying a different type of information. The left zone contains content about city offices and services, as well as real-time weather information. The right zone highlights upcoming public meetings, events and family outings, as well as short public service videos. The lower zone displays separate news crawls for city and school information.


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