Virginia Beach Clean Community Commission Serves Cancer Survivors for August Helping Hands Projects

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

As a part of the Virginia Beach Clean Community Commission’s (VBCCC) Helping Hands Program, during the month of August the environmental organization will beautify the yards of two elderly Virginia Beach residents who are cancer survivors.  On Friday, August 24, and August 31, the VBCCC will lead dozens of Navy Chief Selectee volunteers as they work diligently to cut grass, remove weeds and add flowers and plants to yards of residents in need.


“Past recipients of the Helping Hands Program’s efforts have been deeply appreciative of the work accomplished, and VBCCC is happy to volunteer its resources.  Together with the hard work of others, we are able to help residents who could not otherwise have their yards beautified,” said Dan Baxter, VBCCC Chair.


The Helping Hands Program is a collective effort on the parts of the commission and the Virginia Beach Public Works Department, Waste Management Division.  


For more information about the Helping Hands Program, please call the Department of Public Works, Waste Management Division, at (757) 385-4650, or visit