Officers of Election Needed for the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election

Monday, August 13, 2012

​Voting is the fundamental right of every citizen.  In November, for the 2012 Presidential election, citizens in large numbers are anticipated to exercise this right.  This interest has created a need for individuals to serve as Officers of Election on November 6, 2012.

An Officer of Election is someone that assists the citizens in a successful voting experience on Election Day at a precinct or polling place.  Duties may include check-in of registered voters, demonstrating voting equipment and other general customer service duties.  Officers of Election receive training to assist them with their assigned duties and are asked to follow the guidelines and standards listed below:

 You must be qualified to vote in Virginia to be an officer of election.
 Attend training as assigned.
 Arrive at the polling place at the assigned time (usually 5 am) and remain there until election results have been reported (generally around 8 or 9 pm).  Some localities offer alternate shifts.
 Be courteous and people-friendly to our voters.
 Wear appropriate dress (no blue jeans, sweat clothes, t-shirts, shorts, orany political paraphernalia).

Serving as an Officer of Election is a very important and rewarding opportunity for individuals to serve the community and assist in the sacred right of our democracy.   If you are interested in serving, please go to the State Board of Elections website at, click on the Election Ready icon and fill out the application or you may contact the Voter Registrar’s Office at 757-385-8683.  You may also fill out an online interest form or fill out the Election Official Appointment Packet print out and submit directly the Voter Registrar’s Office at 2449 Princess Anne Rd. Municipal Center, Bldg 14, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.