Voter Registration’s Senior Registrar Designated as Certified Elections/Registration Administration

Friday, August 03, 2012

Christine Lewis, senior registrar for the Virginia Beach Voter Registrar’s Office, will be designated as a Certified Elections/Registration Administrator (CERA), the highest professional achievement, in ceremonies conducted by the Election Center in Boston on Aug. 17.


CERA designation is achieved through a multiyear course of study conducted by the Election Center’s Professional Education Program and completion of 12 core courses taught by the faculty of Auburn University. The program professionalizes the management of voter registration and elections administration, and promotes and preserves public trust in the democratic process.


“This is the highest designation available to elections and voter registration officials,” Center Director R. Doug Lewis said.  “Of more than 21,000 elections and voter registration officials throughout America, this graduating class of 57 professionals takes us to 734 election officials who have achieved the CERA status.  This is an outstanding accomplishment. The City of Virginia Beach is indeed fortunate to have Christine Lewis as one of the top designated professionals in America.”


The Election Center is a nationwide association of voter registrars and elections administrators. Its membership includes township, city, county and state elections officials.  The center’s primary purpose is education for local and state voter registrars and elections officials to promote and improve the democratic process.