Envision Virginia Beach 2040 Releases Its Final Report

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Envision Virginia Beach 2040, a citizens group appointed by the City Council to research trends and to visualize where the city will be in 28 years, presented its final report Tuesday, May 15, to the City Council.

The 36-page report discusses trends shaping Virginia Beach’s future – demographic, technological, environmental and economic – and it recommends a long-term vision for the city, creating “the most livable coastal community in the world.”  The report discusses such factors as community connections, lifelong learning, diversity, enhancing the city’s unique environment, active lifestyle and thriving economy.  City Council members praised the committee’s vision and its work, which continued for more than a year.

The 14-member committee is co-chaired by John Malbon, president of PAPCO Inc., and Gary McCollum, senior vice president of Cox Communications.

To read the complete report, visit www.VBgov.com/envisionvb2040.  For more information, contact Barry Frankenfield at (757) 385-2900 or bfranken@vbgov.com, or Charleen Cooper at (757) 385-2900 or ccooper@vbgov.com.

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