Don’t Get Left in the Cold! Housing and Neighborhood Preservation Offers Assistance for Homeowners without Heat

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Need heat during the winter? The Department of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation can help homeowners during the season through its Emergency Home Repair Program. The program makes repairs or modifications to remove health or safety hazards more affordable through a one-time-only grant. Now through May 15, eligible households may receive assistance to replace or repair heating equipment.

Other eligible activities include replacing defective air conditioning equipment in the summer; correcting electrical, gas and plumbing hazards; and correcting defective roof/ceiling assemblies in life-threatening situations. The program also assists with making homes more accessible for physically disabled residents. It is not intended for making routine maintenance repairs to systems or equipment.

Eligibility requirements and conditions apply. Assistance is provided based on the availability of funding. For more information, contact Olin Walden at (757) 385-5760.