What Qualities Do You Want in the Next City Manager?

City Council to Ask Citizens at Town Hall Meetings and Online

Thursday, September 10, 2015

For the first time in 24 years, the City Council must choose a new city manager. James K. Spore will retire on Jan. 1. He began his tenure in Virginia Beach in 1991.

The City Council is conducting a nationwide search for a new city manager. To aid in that search, City Council members want to hear from you. What qualities make a good city manager? What do you want to see in our next leader? Please take a few moments and provide your suggestions on Virtual Town Hall by visiting www.VBgov.com/virtualtownhall Sept. 10 to 30 and post your comments.

Virginia Beach has a council-manager form of government. The 11 City Council members, including the mayor, are directly elected by citizens. The City Council appoints the city manager. Each has a different set of responsibilities. The City Council sets policies; the city manager and his staff carry them out. Since its incorporation as a city in 1963, Virginia Beach has had only six city managers. Spore is, by far, the longest-serving.

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