Mayor William D. Sessoms, Jr.’s Statement on the Passing of Former Mayor Meyera E. Oberndorf

Friday, March 13, 2015

​As mayor of the city that Meyera Oberndorf loved so dearly, I am truly sorry to hear of her passing.  There is hardly a person who has lived in Virginia Beach or done business in our city over the last forty years who does not know the name “Meyera Oberndorf.”  She touched so many hearts and lives throughout the years that the name “Meyera” is instantly recognizable everywhere. 

The reason she touched hearts was because she cared passionately about this city and each and every one of its people.  There was no such thing as a “stranger” to Meyera, and she was most passionate and engaged when she was out in the neighborhoods and businesses, talking and listening to the citizens.   She knew every neighborhood, every civic league, every issue and every concern because she listened and she cared.   If you were having a meeting, a celebration or honoring someone, there was always a chair for Meyera – you knew she wouldn’t think of missing it. 


For 20 years as mayor, along with her service as vice mayor, a member of City Council and a member of the City’s Library Board, Meyera dedicated her life to the City of Virginia Beach and its people. She was our greatest ambassador, and as an elected official, she acted based on her love, concern and commitment to the cares and concerns of the people.  We all share great pride in her historic and distinguished career.


I personally enjoyed serving on the Virginia Beach City Council with Meyera. Virginia Beach made much progress as a result of her passionate leadership. She had a very special way of building consensus and of putting a smile on people’s faces.


Bev and I and our family offer our prayers and deepest sympathies to her family and loved ones, and share with them our belief that there will never be anyone like her again, and because of her dedication to this City and its people, she has chiseled her name and memory into our hearts and history.  



                                       # # #