Virginia Beach Citizens' Police Academy Announces its 38th Session

Thursday, July 31, 2014

​The Virginia Beach Citizens’ Police Academy provides an excellent opportunity for citizens, ages 21 and up, or 18 and in college, who work and/or live in the City of Virginia Beach, to become familiar with the day-to-day operations of the police department.  This will enable participants to gain a better understanding of the procedures, guidelines, responsibilities, demands, personnel, equipment, policies, and laws that guide the department's decisions.  Citizens will hear the accounts and experiences of a wide variety of police personnel and will also engage in hands-on activities.  This class is not intended to make citizens into police officers but to allow citizens to learn more about police operations.  Citizens will become informed as to the actual role of the police and, in return, the police will benefit from the wealth of knowledge the citizens can give about their community.  A police ride-along opportunity will be offered during the session for observation of the officer’s daily duties. 

Sponsored by the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, the 38th session will run from September 2, 2014 through December 9, 2014, with classes held every Tuesday night from 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.  The classes will be held at the Law Enforcement Training Academy located at 411 Integrity Way in Virginia Beach.  Applicants can apply on line by going to Once completed, submit the application.  You will be contacted by the academy coordinator once your application has been received. 


Completed applications for this session must be received at the Crime Prevention Office by Friday, August 15, 2014.  There is no cost to attend the class.  Seating is limited.


Topics covered in the academy include:


• Recruitment, Selection, & Training               

• A Day in the Life of a Patrol Officer              

• Firearms Safety & Range Operations            

• Deadly Force Encounters                             

• Forensics                                                   

• Basic Criminal Law                                       

• Animal Control & Adoption Center Tour & and Gangs)

• Media Relations                                          

• Law Enforcement Technology                    

• K9, SWAT, Bomb Squad, & Helicopter Unit

• Crime Prevention Programs 

• Crisis Intervention Team 

• Creeds Training Facility Tour

• Criminal Investigations

• Volunteer Opportunities

• Tour of the Correctional Center

• Special Investigations (narcotics, vice,

• Law Enforcement Technology

• History of Law Enforcement


 For further information, contact MPO Jeff Eaton at 385-1066,