Runner Dies After Half Marathon

Monday, March 17, 2014

At approximately 9:30 a.m., Sunday, March 16, a runner collapsed at finish line of the Shamrock Half Marathon event.  Medical personnel monitoring the finish line area immediately responded and transported her to a nearby medical tent.  Race medical staff and EMS personnel initiated resuscitation efforts and ultimately transported her by ambulance to Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital where she was pronounced dead.


The victim has been identified as Cameron Gallagher, 16 years old.  She lived in Richmond, Virginia. 


A large EMS presence was on standby throughout the weekend’s race events.  For the marathon and half marathons, over 80 emergency medical personnel were deployed using ambulances, golf carts, bicycles and foot patrols.  At one time, 14 ambulances were on site, 12 from the Rescue Squads of Virginia Beach and 2 from the Navy Mid-Atlantic Regional Fire Department.  Medical tents staffed by physicians, nurses and allied professionals were also available along the race route.  EMS crews evaluated 19 patients Sunday, transporting 4 of them to the hospital.  An unknown number of additional patients self-reported to the medical tents for assistance. 


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