Virginia Beach Offers Emergency Alerts via Text Message and Email

Monday, April 29, 2013

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – April 29, 2013 – The city of Virginia Beach is pleased to announce that citizens can now sign up to receive VBAlert text message and email notifications by going to

VBAlert is the city’s emergency notification system, and until recently, its functionality was limited to the delivery of voice recorded messages to landline telephones within the city limits.  Now, anyone can sign up to receive these alerts by text message on their cell phone or other mobile device, as well as in their email inbox, regardless of whether or not they live in Virginia Beach.

Registration is required in order to receive alerts via text message and/or email. During the registration process, users have the opportunity to identify areas of interest on an electronic map and designate one or more email addresses and/or mobile devices to which they want the alerts sent.  Registered users will receive VBAlert messages that correspond to the area(s) they have identified on the map.

Events that may generate a VBAlert message include:

  • Evacuation notices
  • Rabid animal alerts
  • Hostage/barricade situations
  • Boil water advisories
  • Weather warnings (tornadoes, flash floods, severe thunderstorms) 

Anyone interested in receiving alert notifications from the city of Virginia Beach, delivered to their email, cell phone or other mobile device, should register at

When you consider that an increasing percentage of the population prefers to receive information on a mobile device, this enhancement to the city’s VBAlert system is an important step in keeping the public informed about incidents affecting our city.