Drug Addict Runs over Family in Front Yard, Gets Max Sentence; Commonwealth v. Sandra Leigh Hofstadler

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Harvey L. Bryant, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Virginia Beach, announced today that Sandra Leigh Hofstadler, 44 years old, who previously resided in the 3200 block of Clubhouse Circle in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was sentenced today by Circuit Court Judge Les L. Lilley to 12 years and 10 days in the Department of Corrections for DUI-Reckless-Victim Permanently Impaired (2 counts), DUI- 2nd Offense within 5-10 Years, Failure to Stop for a School Bus, and Reckless Driving. 


The sentence far exceeded the high-end of the recommended Virginia State Sentencing Guidelines, which recommended Hofstadler serve no more than 3 years and 6 months.  Upon pronouncing his sentence, Judge Lilley remarked, “You are a danger and threat to the community – you’ve proven that.  Unfortunately, it’s come to this.”


Hofstadler pled guilty to the charges of DUI-Reckless-Victim Permanently Impaired (2 counts), DUI- 2nd Offense within 5-10 Years, and Failure to Stop for a School Bus on September 4, 2012.  Had this matter gone to trial, the Commonwealth’s evidence would have proven that on the morning of January 19, 2012, the Yancy family was getting ready to put their children on the school bus.  Father David Yancy walked with his two young children and niece in the front yard of their Chester Street home, on the way to the bus stop.  Sandra Leigh Hofstadler drove a Ford pick-up truck around the stopped school bus and up into the Yancy’s yard.  The school bus had its lights flashing and safety arm extended.  Hofstadler struck the Yancy family and continued driving about 50 feet.


Several witnesses called 911 and tried to help the Yancy family.  Police responded and noticed that Hofstadler was under the influence of some substance. She told police that she had taken Xanax and Adderall, yet those substances were not later found in the results of her blood test.  Hofstadler’s lab results proved she had cocaine in her system, which would have caused her to have delayed reactions and prevented her from driving safely. 


The Yancy family suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident.  Mr. Yancy had a broken leg and will always have a metal rod in his leg.  His niece also suffered a broken leg and eye socket.  Mr. Yancy’s son suffered a brain injury and broken jaw, for which he had metal plates inserted.  His daughter was treated and released from the hospital. 


Further, Hofstadler was found guilty today of Reckless Driving after admittedly driving 57 m.p.h. in a 35 m.p.h. zone in November 2011. Ten days of her sentence today is for that offense.


Hofstadler’s record includes convictions for Possession of Cocaine (3 counts), DUI, Reckless Driving (2 prior counts), Credit Card Larceny (3 counts), Forgery (3 counts), Credit Card Fraud, and Public Intoxication. She is scheduled to be in Circuit Court for a Violation of Probation on February 13, 2013. 


“She is another defendant, among many, who don’t appreciate, respect, or fear suspended jail time or the good behavior provisions of their sentences.  In 2011, my office attempted to have her probation revoked, but another judge resuspended 8 years to which she could have been sentenced.  The sentencing guidelines were woefully insufficient in this case, and exceeding them was the just thing to do,” Bryant said.


The case was prosecuted by Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Philip C. Hollowell and Associate Commonwealth’s Attorney Kristin L. Paulding.  Please contact Macie Pridgen if additional information is desired.