Man Returned Home Safe, Thanks to Project Lifesaver Team

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Sunday, November 11, around 10:30 a.m., a caregiver contacted police reporting a 40-year- old male was missing from his residence in the Windsor Oaks section of the city.  Fortunately, the man was a registered Project Lifesaver participant and was wearing his bracelet.  Members of the police Project Lifesaver team in three precincts activated their equipment looking for a transmitted signal from the missing man’s bracelet.  In less than an hour, a Second Precinct officer received a strong signal pass him at the intersection of Virginia Beach Boulevard and Birdneck Road.  The officer was able to determine the signal was coming from a HRT bus that passed him.  The officer stopped the bus and located the missing man and returned him home.


This is another example of how successfully the Project Lifesaver program works and how being a client is extremely advantageous in locating a missing loved one in the shortest time possible.  The Virginia Beach Lifesaver program has over 260 clients registered with over 100 searches conducted and returning a loved one home.  The bracelet will transmit anywhere and can be detected by Law Enforcement agencies in Hampton Roads or across the nation who offer the program.


For additional information on the program contact MPO Allen Perry with the Crime Prevention Unit, (757) 385-2742 or visit the following web link