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The VBgov Map application provides information about properties, Planning and Zoning, Emergency Preparedness, and other important location data. The searches and other tools are fully integrated into the application.
New VBgov City Map Released! VBgov City Map has a new look! ​​
The previous versions of City Map are available in the Legacy Maps tab for a limited time.​

 Interactive Maps

VBgov City Map NEW! ​​
City Map has a new look!  The previous maps are available for a limited time in the Legacy Maps tab.
Property Map
Explore sales and GIS information for commercial and residential properties.​​​
Property Search
Explore sales and GIS information for commercial and residential properties.​​​
Open Data: GIS
Explore the City's map using many layers of information.​​​
Open Budget
Explore the City's budget.​​​
Census 2010​
Visualize demographic data from the 2010 U.S. Census.​​​​​​​​​​​

 Mobile Applications

ArcGIS maps from ESRI are available for use with mobile devices . These maps offer easy access to hundreds of GIS features and important geographic information. Access our City of Virginia Beach data from within the app to view a wide range of city services and information using mobile devices.​

ArcGIS Apps

Help for ArcGIS Apps

The City of Virginia Beach provides help documents for a brief introduction to the mobile applications shown above. Note that the City can provide only minimal support for the use of mobile devices due to the variety of functionality and applications, For example, the availability of queries varies based on the device used.


 Legacy Maps

​The listed legacy applications are scheduled to be removed in the near future.  We recommend using the CityMap application instead.  We are making these applications temporarily available as we transition to the new CityMap application.

 Maps in PDF Format

The following GIS maps and reports are available free of charge to the general public in either PDF (for maps) or excel format (for reports).  If you would like hard-copy maps and reports, please contact the Center for GIS via email at​

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Map Help

​​​​The Virginia Beach VBgov web map has been designed to provide a simple and intuitive web mapping experience modeled after popular consumer-based mapping applications.  This includes a simple interface, seamless panning, scroll-wheel zooming for mouse users and intuitive search tools. This help guide provides an overview of the interface and available tools.  Please contact the Virginia Beach Center for GIS at with any questions or comments.​

The following Help documents are available in PDF format: 

The following video tutorials are available on the city's YouTube site

 Important Information

​​​​​ ​Important Infor​​​mation R​egarding Google Chrome:

​​Due to a change in Google Chrome, the mapping applications below are not working correctly when using Chrome as your browser. We are determining if there is a work-around, but in the meantime, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox for your bro​​wser. The Internet Explorer dow​nload is available here: A download ​of Mozilla Firefox is here:​​

​​​​​ Map Center has a New Look:

The Map Center Page now has a new look. The tabbed navigation should make browsing and finding GIS data easier. We hope you like the changes we are making and plan to make in the future.​​​​

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