Apply for the Summer Youth Employment Program

Earn valuable work experience during the summer with the City of Virginia Beach and other local businesses.


 Program Requirements

  • Be between the ages of 16 and 21 by June 11, 2020
  • Reside in the City of Virginia Beach (show proof through report card or college transcript)
  • Adhere to all program policies and procedures as outlined in the SYEP Program Handbook (an updated handbook will come out in January)
  • Commit to the entire 8-week program (June 22nd – August 7th), and the entire job readiness orientation
  • Complete and submit all forms and documents by the deadline set by the program staff
    • Complete and submit an application (opens January 13th)
    • Two (2) Letter of Recommendation (recommendations from family members and family friends will not be accepted)
    • Most recent Report Card/ College Transcript (must include youth’s name and home address)
    • Original Social Security Card (non-laminated)
    • Government – Issued Photo ID (Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit, School ID, or VA Identification Card)
    • Resume (optional)
*All completed documents must be sent to by the deadline provided by program staff ​

 Participant Testimonials

Caden L. fixing pavement​​

Caden L. | Parks & Recreation - Landscape Management 

“SYEP has taught me a lot about saving money and having budgets…the program also set me up for a job for my future.” 

Carlos H working​​

Carlos H. | Animal Care & Adoption Center ​​​​​

"I think the program opens up opportunities and it allows supervisors to kind of go out on a limb and see how the youth will participate and operate in those settings" Read More​ 

Tyler N constructing office furniture

​Tyler N. | Housing & Neighborhood Preservation  

“I knew that saving could help you, but I never knew how much until I went to the [SYEP] Orientation. Thank you SYEP!” 


Wyatt G programming machinerie

Wyatt G. | IMS Gear, Inc. 

  • “I’ve learned a lot [about SYEP]. The summer really helped me to have an understanding of what my future will be like. I’ve actually been bragging about [SYEP]! It was a great experience.” 

  • ​"VB SYEP helped me understand that the most important thing you can do for yourself and future, is to set aside money for saving. A savings account is a good start. A habit of saving can help you achieve financial freedom, and preparation for emergencies." Don J. | Information Technology 

  • "I will exceed my savings goal thanks to the incredible financial literacy classes provided by VB SYEP." - Joshua B. | Information Technology 

  • ​"[SYEP] experience helped me land an interview with large federal consulting firms, including the Big Four. [SYEP] validated my career interests in data analytics, and I saved over $1,000."- Thomeka W. |  Business Systems

  • "[SYEP] was the first to give me a real film job and in doing so, it helped me realize my passion can be a career. SYEP made me feel like potential was worthwhile, and that makes all the difference in the pursuit of creativity. Thank you for believing in me while I was still learning to believe in myself. It means more than I can express."- Jeanette L. | Youth Opportunities Office

  • "Thank you for all of the valuable information and career coaching you provided me over the course of this year’s Summer Youth Employment Program. I was able to use much of what I learned about resume building, networking and interviews in practice over the past week and have been offered a graduate position in auditing with Ernst & Young in Cork, Ireland." - Breana R. | Tidewater Finance Company​
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