​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In its approximately 50 years of existence, Virginia Beach has experienced remarkable growth, which has been one of the key factors in the City's success.
The development pattern that has attracted many people to Virginia Beach (e.g., single family homes with relatively easy access to excellent jobs, schools, and recreation opportunities) has created challenges in terms of making Virginia Beach a more sustainable community. One of the challenges we are facing today is how to evolve our existing transportation system into a more sustainable one and encourage ​expanded use of alternative transportation. The Strategic Growth Areas (SGA) encourage the use of alternative transportation systems by focusing on future mass transit technologies and promoting programs that reduce automobile dependence.


 Strategic Growth Area​s​​

​The City has eight designated SGA areas. The policies within these areas serve to benefit a great number of people who live, work, and do business in Virginia Beach. With clustered development and public transportation serving the SGA's many areas of the city would be readily connected with each other without the requirement for automobiles.​ 

 Sustainability Plan

​The City of Virginia Beach is in the process of developing its first Sustainability Plan. The Plan will be a tool for future action that documents how the city can change over time by employing specific recommendations and benchmarking its progress. Tailored specifically to the needs of this area, it will encompass a variety of elements such as establishing a vision, building efficient commercial structures, developing resilient neighborhoods, revitalizing current commercial centers, and connecting the city - making it walkable and bikeable​. Learn more about the City's sustainability plan.​


 ​​Bicycles and Pedestrian Activities

​The bikeway and trail system serves an important function as part of the transportation network. Pedestrian and bicycle activities have always been a part of many outdoor recreation opportunities in Virginia Beach. Currently, the City has over 100 miles of trails. View the Bikeways and Trails map.

Bikeways and Trails Plan

BikesVirginia Beach needs multi-modal transportation options for a variety of reasons, such as increasing fuel costs, increasing road congestion, citizen desires for healthier communities and lifestyles, and decreasing funding for roadway construction. 

The Master Transportation Plan, a chapter of the 2009 Comprehensive Plan, addresses these community-wide needs by calling for the development of alternative transportation modes. 

The Bikeways and Trails Plan was developed to foster a better understanding of bike and pedestrian needs in Virginia Beach and to guide the work of planners, designers, and developers.​

 Did you know?

The City is connected to the Virginia's Eastern Shore region via the Chesapeake Bay
Bridge - Tunnel, which is 23 miles long and it is the longest bridge-tunnel complex in the world. 
Following its opening in 1964, the bridge-tunnel was selected "One of the Seven Engineering Wonders ​of the Modern World" in a worldwide competition​.  

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