Open Space Green Infrastructure

Open space, park lands, and waterways are the keys to the City's character and unique identity within the region.​
Open space is generally described as a wide range of outdoor areas and activities that are valued for their natural or nature-based setting.  Moreover, the healthy profile of the City's open space and recreational system is the result of consistent commitments made by the City of Virginia Beach in its Capital Improvement Programs over the last several years.  These commitments have included efforts to provide an integrated system of open space and park facilities throughout the City that enhance the physical, recreational, environmental, social , and cultural well-being of its citizens and visitors alike. 

Open Space System

City, state and federal parks and wildlife refuges, along with municipal golf courses, comprise the public recreational areas available to all citizens in the City. The open space system encompasses​ the following: 

​Open Space Acquisition Program

The Open Space Advisory Committee​ is in charge of researching and evaluating undeveloped  properties throughout the City for possible acquisition to preserve as open space. Many of the properties that have been evaluated by the Committee were ​identified in the 2000 and 2008 Virginia Beach Outdoors Plan​.  Citizens and community groups have also brought numerous other properties to the attention of the Committee.

As of December 2013, through the Open Space Acquisition Program, the City has acquired 29 properties totaling 2,827 acres. In addition, the Program is funded through the Department of Parks and Recreation Capital  Improvement Program and CIP #4-070. 

Learn more about the past, ongoing, or prospective open space  property acquisitions.

Download the 2013 Open Space Program Annual Report


Save One of the largest undeveloped parcels of land on the Lynnhaven River for generations to come


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