Wind Power

​​​​Wind-generated power is a growing source of electricity; however, wind is a variable resource and only produces power when wind speeds are sufficient to turn the wind turbines. 

 Harnessing power from the wind produces clean energy that does not affect global warming and abates our dependence on fossil fuels. Virginia Beach is positioned well to take advantage of strong, consistent winds along the coastline.  Additional factors, such as relatively shallow water, relatively low occurrence of hurricanes and close proximity to electric-power infrastructure also contribute to the City's advantage to both offshore and onshore wind opportunities.

A large-scale offshore wind facility off the coast of Virginia Beach, could be economically beneficial not only to individual citizens but also to the City by creating jobs, and luring businesses and manufactures to the area.

Onshore wind opportunities are already gaining momentum in Virginia Beach.  In 2009, the City adopted Wind Energy Conversion amendments into the zoning ordinance.  These amendments are designed to promote the use of renewable energy sources by allowing wind energy conversion systems (wind turbines)  in appropriate locations while minimizing visual, safety and environmental impacts and promoting the safe, effective and efficient use of such systems. 

Offshore energy is a critical component in protecting the natural environment and human health by replacing traditional energy sources that create green gas emissions.  In addition to traditional concerns of climate change, such emissions and pollutants have been found to contribute to increasing ocean acidification, which poses  a threat to both the marine environment and commercial marine industries alike.​​​​​​​