Algae Biofuels Power

​​​​​Biodiesel Fuel

Biodiesel fuel is much like the diesel fuel derived from petroleum, but this renewable fuel is produced from oily biomass such as soybeans, as well as from waste oils.

​Studies have shown that algae have significantly more oil content than soybeans and are a promising biomass source for biodiesel. 

Biodiesel fuel also can be produced from used cooking oil from restaurants. ODU engineers have built a small reactor to investigate whether the production of biodiesel fuel from the used oil is environmentally sound and economically viable.​​

Old Dominion University Algae Biofuel Research

​Researchers at Old Dominion University, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Hampton University and James Madison University are exploring fuel production from biomass sources. Old Dominion University has taken a leading role in the biodiesel studies.

​In 2014, an Old Dominion University environmental engineer, Sandeep Kumar, has received a prestigious, five-year award from the National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award Program in recognition of his groundbreaking research in algae biofuels.

Sandeep Kumar will receive five years of financial support totaling $401,315 for his research into alternative energy and nutrients management. Also, the financial support will help with some of his educational objectives, including an ODU implementation of the nationwide "K to Gray Energy Literacy Drive" and the creation of an engineering graduate certificate, and undergraduate minor, in energy. Read the rest of the article​.