Watershed-Friendly Landscape Workshop Presentations

​​​​​​The City of Virginia Beach and Virginia Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects hosted a series of watershed-friendly workshop presentations, which were held at the Advance Technology Center on March 4 and 5, 2009.  The presentations can be accessed by clicking on the image.  

​​March 4, 2009

​Welcome and Introductions

Presented by: Clay Bernick, Environment and Sustainability Office Administrator, City of Virginia Beach​



Watersheds a​​​nd Requirements
Presented by: Noah Hill, Regional Manager, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation​ (DCR)



​Riparian Buffers and Adjoining Wetlands:

Presented by: Mike McIntyre, CPESC, Permits and Inspections,

City of Virginia Beach​​​

Riparian Buffers and Trophic Layers - Benefits, Design, and Locations:

Presented by: Alli Baird, ASLA, Riparian Buffer Specialist, DCR

Urban Forestry​

Presented by: Kristina Villaire, City Arborist

City of Virginia Beach


​ ​

​Nutrient Management and Integrated Pest Management

Presented by: Cutler Robinson, Bayville Golf Course


​March 5, 2009

Plant Selections for Riparian Buffers and Rain Gardens

Presented by: Laurie Fox, Horticultural Associate, Virginia Tech Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center

Soil Testing and Preparation, Nutrient and Plant Installation

Presented by: Susan French, Environmental Horticulture Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension

​​Ecosystems Services of Buffers and Forest

Presented by: Barbara White, Virginia Department of Forestry



​Watershed Practices​​


 Presented by: Clay Bernick, Environment and Sustainability Office Administrator, City of Virginia Beach

​Low Impact Development

Presented by: Charlie Heffington, NSPE, Planning Development Services Center, City of Virginia Beach

​Sustainable Landscape Management Practices

Presented by: Frank Fentress, ASLA, Landscape Management, City of Virginia Beach

​Going Green and Saving Green

Presented by: Barry Frankenfield, FASLA, AICP, Parks and Recreation, City of Virginia Beach




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