Sustainability Plan

​​​"Like many cities, Virginia Beach has set a goal to become a sustainable city...To achieve this vision, we need real ideas, real steps, and real solutions..." ​~ ​Mayor William D. Sessoms' Vision Statement

What is Sustainability? 

The traditional definition of sustainability calls for policies and strategies that meet society’s present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.​ Learn more about Virginia Beach Green initiatives​​Review the adopted Sustainability Plan.

​Sustainability Plan at a Glance

​A Community Plan for a Sustainable Future (the Plan) is about the place we call Virginia Beach, and how this place, shaped by a rich past, can have an equally rich future. The Plan is focused around the idea that there are very clear actions and attitudes that will determine how our community will look, work and function in the future – and most importantly - how we can live full, rewarding lives in our community. Read the Sustainability Plan at a Glance.​

Sustainability Plan Elements​

Why are we doing this?
This plan, developed by the City government and community of Virginia Beach – its citizens, staff, special interest groups, stakeholders – all of us – serves as a communications tool and scorecard to report on City and community progress towards achieving economic, environmental and social sustainability. ​The Plan is focused around the vision set forth in the ​Envision 2040 Committee Report.

​How did we develop the plan?
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Over the course of approximately seven months, a series of eight public input meetings were conducted throughout the city.  Initial meetings were held in each of the city’s seven voting districts (Bayside, Beach, Centerville, Kempsville, Lynnhaven, Princess Anne and Rose Hall), with an additional meeting held in the southern part of the Princess Anne district.

How are we going to implement the plan?
Monitoring and verifying implementation will be an ongoing process​. The progress that the City government and community are making in achieving the plan goals will be reported annually. The Environment and Sustainability Office will serve as the central clearinghouse for the reporting function related to the Plan. 

How does the plan work?
The Plan is organized around a series of ten elements​​ which taken together describe the totality of all those components that relate to the sustainability of the City of Virginia Beach – government and community.  Each element is focused around a vision statement, several goals related to the vision, and a series of objectives which outline ways to achieve each goal.