Wetlands Board

​​​​​​​The Wetland​s Board​​ is composed of seven members​​​​​, ap​pointed by the City Council, who are responsible for reviewing requests for permits for the use, alteration, or development of wetlands, coastal primary sand dunes, and beaches.

The Board also reviews violations of the regulations and has the option to assess civil charges and/or order restoration of the site. The Board's wetlands jurisdiction for non-vegetated wetlands lies between mean low water and mean high water; and for vegetated wetlands, from mean low water to an elevation one and one-half times the mean tide range.

The Board also has jurisdiction over coastal primary sand dunes and beaches. The mean tide range in this area is approximately two feet for rivers and bay areas and three and one-half feet for ocean areas.  Upland of that elevation, the Board does not have jurisdiction. However, a waterfront construction permit from the Waterfront Operations Bureau may still be required. Applications for Wetlands and Coastal Primary Sand Dune projects can be obtained from the Army Corps of Engineers. Both of the applications require a  legal advertisement​ posted in a local newspaper.

The Planning Department prepares the legal advertisement and causes it to be posted in the newspaper. The legal advertisement fee is $150.

​Access the Specific Guidelines for the Joint Permit Application submittal.

For further information on wetlands or coastal primary sand dunes regulations, please visit Article 14 (Wetlands Zoning Ordinance) or Article 16 (Coastal Primary Sand Dune Zoning Ordinance) of Appendix A (Zoning Ordinance) of the Virginia Beach City Code.

Review Fees

​​ ​Fees 
Waterfront construction and dredging projects$100​
Projects that also impact wetlands require an additional charge​$300
Coastal Primary Sand Dune project​​$300
Legal advertisement for wetlands and sand dune project​​​

*The costs of legal advertisements, postage to notify adjacent property owners, and public hearing notices signs, will be billed to the applicant or their authorized agent.​​​​​