Interfacility Team

​​​​Interfacility Traffic Area​

Click to Expand MapThe Princess Anne Commons, shown on the picture, consists of the Transition Area and the North Princess Anne SGA.

With the December 2005 amendments to the Comprehensive Plans, this area was identified as being within the Interfacility Traffic Area, also known as ITA, located between NAS Oceana and NALF ​​​Fentress. The planning policies affecting the ITA have been carefully written to achieve compliance with the provisions of the City's adopted Ocean Land Use Conformity program. The entire Interfacility Traffic Area is subject to certain development limitations due to jet noise restrictions and must be carefully planned to achieve a coherent and compatible land use pattern. Also, of the roughly 4400 acres within this area, less than half are developable due to the presence of water, wetlands, existing developments, or other constraints. 

Despite these land use constraints, the City recognized unique opportunities in this area and developed the ITA and Vicinity Master Plan​ to identify the vision for this area. 

​Interfacility​ Traffic Area and Vicinity Master Plan

The Interfacility Traffic Area and Vicinity Master Plan was approved by City Council on January 25, 2011. This master plan provides recommendations regarding land use, open space, utilities, building design, roadway and trails, thus creating opportunities for growth compatible with the Air Installation Compatible Use Zone​ (AICUZ) restrictions applicable in the​ Interfacility Traffic Area.

​​​​​​​​Interfacility Traffic Area Team

The ITA team meets on an irregular basis. Therefore, to determine their meeting times please contact ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​