Green Ribbon Committee



City Council appointed the original Green Ribbon Committee in June 2006 to make recommendations regarding water quality improvements for the City of Virginia Beach. The Green Ribbon Committee spent many volunteer hours developing the “City of Virginia Beach Green Ribbon CommitteeReport, November 2007” (the Report) which includes extensive recommendations to improve water quality in the City and was adopted by City Council in December 2007.  A Green Ribbon Implementation Committee was created to monitor the progress of the Report’s recommendations, and expired December 31, 2010 after implementing some key water quality improvement code and policy changes.​

 2013 Green Ribbon Committee

With the upcoming significant water quality requirements filtering down from State and Federal mandates, the City Council appointed members to a reestablished Green Ribbon Committee on October 9, 2012.

The Committee will advise City Council on matters relating to the improvement of water quality in the City’s waterways. In particular, it will:

  • Monitor the implementation of the Total Maximum Daily Load requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency and oversee public involvement in the development of new water quality ordinances
  • Establish and oversee public outreach and educational programs related to water quality
  • Monitor and advise City Council in regard to comprehensive water quality treatment efforts, on both public and private properties
  • Work toward the goal of establishing Virginia Beach as a model for excellence in water quality initiatives​

 Meeting Time, Location, and Minutes

​The Committee meets the 4th Thursday of every odd-numbered month at 2:30 pm in the Strategic Growth Area Department at 4525 Main Street, Suite 710. The public is welcome to attend.

​January 31, 2013

​February 28, 2013

​March 28, 2013

​April 25, 2013

​May 23, 2013

​June 27, 2013

​July 27, 2013

​August 22, 2013

​September 26, 2013

​October 24, 2013

​November 21, 2013

​December, 2013 - ​No meeting

​January 23, 2014