​​​The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Board agenda is listed for the upcoming public hearing as it becomes available, usually two to three weeks prior to hearing.

The agenda comprises only the list of items to be heard along with the location of each item. Minutes for each public hearing are posted after they are approved at the following month's public hearing. The minutes do not include a verbatim account of the hearing; however, they list the outcome and conditions for each item.

If you have questions regarding the Chesapeake Bay Board agenda or minutes, please contact the Environment and Sustainability Office at (757) 385-4621 and ask to speak to a Chesapeake Bay Planner.​​​​​​​​​​


​CBPA Dates​AgendaProposals​Reports​Minutes
​January 27, 2014
​February 24, 2014
​​March 24, 2014
​April 28, 2014
​May 22, 2014
​June 23, 2014
​July 28, 2014
​August 25, 2014
​​September 22, 2014
​October 27, 2014
​November 24, 2014

​December 19, 2014

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