Becoming A Candidate and Campaign Finance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Candidate and Campaign Finance Information for Local and Statewide Candidates

Candidate filing forms can be picked up from our office or printed directly from the Department ​of Elections​ website​​. Prior to filing any forms or collecting petition signatures make sure you are filing in the correct election district. Contact our office or use the City's GIS Department interactive web tool to verify your district. You may also view an election district mappurchase one from the GIS Department or view a pdf of the New City District maps.  

Find upcoming elec​tion information​ such as when the next election will be held for a particular office, term of that office, how election dates are determined, petition and referenda requirements. For additional information you may visit Becomi​ng a Candidate​​ or Campaign Finance on the Department of Elections​ website or contact our office. 

​​Access Campaig​n Finance Reports of all candidates that file electronically. All Virginia Beach candidates are required to file all campaign finance reports electronically to the State Board of Elections pursuant to the Code of Virginia § ​24.2-947.5. Campaign finance reports with activity through to June 30, 2018 from paper filers may be obtained through the Virginia Beach Voter Registration & Elections office via email or by telephone (757) 385-8683. All others can be located online at ​​​. To become an electronic filer click on the Department of Elections COMET Users' link under Related Information.​ All Virginia Beach candidates are required to file campaign finance reports through COMET.