Voter ID Requirements in Virginia

Attention Voters:  A law change as of July 1, 2020 requires all Virginia voters to show an acceptable form of identification before casting a ballot on election day or an in-person early vote ballot. Certain acceptable forms of identifications do not require a photo. If you do not have any acceptable form of identification you may either sign an ID Confirmation Statement or vote a provisional ballot. If you choose to vote a provisional ballot you have until 12:00noon on the Friday following the election to provide an acceptable form of identification or to sign the ID Confirmation Statement to submit to the local Electoral Board.

Acceptable IDs include the following:

  • Voter confirmation documents you received after you registered to vote
  • Virginia Driver's License or Identification Card; A "REAL ID" from DMV is NOT required to vote
  • Any Federal, Virginia or Local Government issued identification card
  • Valid United States Passport or Passport Card
  • Valid student ID card issued by a public school or private school in Virginia or issued by a US university or community college
  • Employee issued photo ID card
  • Any current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document with your name and address
  • An ID Confirmation Statement (only available at your polling location on election day)

Voters who do not bring an acceptable ID or do not sign an ID Confirmation Statement will be offered a provisional ballot.

Provisional Ballot Process for Voters with No ID

A voter will have until noon on the Friday following the election to deliver a copy of an acceptable form of identification to the local Electoral Board (Board) or to sign and submit an ID Confirmation Statement to the Board. Voters may submit a copy of their ID or ID Confirmation Statement via fax, email, in-person submission, or through USPS or a commercial delivery service. Please note that the copy of the ID must be delivered to the Electoral Board by noon on Friday or the provisional ballot cannot be counted. A Friday postmark will not be sufficient if the copy of the photo ID is not delivered to the Electoral Board by noon Friday.  

The written notice given to the voter will provide the necessary information, including email, fax, and address of where the ID or ID Confirmation Statement should be delivered.

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