Early/Absentee Voting

​​​​​​​​​​Early Voting provides a means for qualified voters to participate in upcoming elections even though they may not be able to or choose not to go to the polls on Election Day.

Early in person voting begins at least 45 days before most elections and ends for in person absentee voters on the Saturday before the election in our office located at the Municipal Center, Bldg. 14 (2449 Princess Anne Rd). No application is needed for in person early voting.

When voting by mail the Vote by Mail Absentee Ballot Application Form can be submitted up to a year before the election, but no later than 5:00pm on the eleventh (11th) day before the election. Ballots for those applications received in advance are mailed no later than 45 day before most elections. Vote By Mail Application Forms received after that initial mailing will be mailed out with in 3 days. The last ballots are mailed no later than the day after that Friday 5:00pm deadline. Voter By Mail Application Forms should be mailed to P.O. Box 6247, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-0247 or scanned and email to grabsenteevote@vbgov.com. Applications can also be submitted on​line​​ through the Virginia Department of Elections' website.

Notice to voters using US Mail Postal Service: the USPS delivery standards changed so that First Class delivery went from 1-3 days to 2-5 days and Standard delivery is now 2-9 days.   Please take this into consideration as you start thinking towards vote by mail voting for the election.

Permanent Absentee Option (Section 2)  - Check the "Yes" box, if you would like to receive your ballot in the mail for every election in the future.  ​​​

Skip Section 2 and fill out Section 3 if you only want to receive an absentee ballot for one election.

  • If you checked the "Yes" box in Section 2, you are indicating that you
    wish to receive your ballot in the mail for every election in the future.
  • Ballots for all future elections will be sent to the address in your voter
    registration record. If you need your ballot sent to a different address or
    want to change the political party you've chosen for Primary Elections,
    please use form SBE-703.1C.
  • If you move to a new county or city, complete a new form and submit it
    to your new general registrar to continue receiving ballots.

  • If you want to receive a primary ballot, you must indicate a political party
    preference in Section 2. If you do not want a ballot for primary elections,
    please mark the last box or leave the answer to this question blank.

Vote By Mail/Absentee/Early Voting FAQs

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