Who Can Vote Early/Absentee?

​​​​Important Information: A witness is not required for completing the Virginia Vote By Mail Application Form, the Federal Post Card Application, or the Request to Cancel Voter Registration. However, a witness is required when voting your ballot and must sign the Statement of Absentee Voter (Envelope B) (This requirement is waived for the November 3, 2020 election).

In order to vote a mail in ballot, voters must apply.  Applications are available to the right under Related Information.  To vote by mail the application is due by 5:00 p.m. on the eleventh (11th) prior to the election. The last day to vote absentee in person at your local registrar's office is the Saturday before the election. All absentee ballots must be submitted to the local registrar's office by the time the polls close at 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. All absentee ballots properly cast will be counted.

Under Virginia law all registered voter are permitted to vote early/absentee without having to provide a reason. However, if you registered to vote by mail and have not previously voted in your current city/county, you may only apply to vote by mail if you meet one of the qualifying exemptions; otherwise, you must vote in person. If you meet one or more of the exemptions listed, enter the code(s) in section 7b on the application. This rule does not apply for Federal Elections.

  1. I am a student attending college/university outside my city/county of residence in Virginia.
  2. I have a disability or illness that prevents me from voting in person.
  3. I am pregnant.
  4. I am confined either awaiting trail or convicted of a misdemeanor.
  5. I am active duty merchant marine or in the armed forces, or a spouse or dependent of an active duty member.
  6. I am temporarily residing outside of the U.S. for a non-employment related reason. (Voter Registration Office: review VA Code 24.2-453)
  7. I am temporarily residing outside of the U.S. for employment or a spouse or dependent living with a person temporarily residing outside of the U.S. for employment.
  8. I have moved to another state less than 30 days before a presidential election and am requesting a ballot for the president and vice-president electors only (ballots for other offices/issues will not be sent).
  9. I am 65 years of age or older.