​The STiR Office supports the City of Virginia Beach’s (the City’s) goal to be as transparent as possible by helping City leadership and the City’s Departments to develop the best possible measures of performance that are then displayed in our Open Data Portal.  The Open Data Portal provides citizens access to City data, in raw formats, with full capability to view, filter, sort, create visualization, analyze, and export the data. 


Our City is committed to transparency in its government operations.  We are mindful of the fact that funds available to spend to operate the City come directly from our citizens through tax dollars.  Having access to these tax dollars means that our citizens have the right to know how we intend to, and eventually do, allocate those funds.  We believe that good governance entails keeping the best interests of our citizens at the forefront of decision-making for the City Being a government that is transparent allows our citizens to have insight into how we oversee government operations.  We believe that the more transparent we are the more it increases trust, honesty, and integrity. 


Being as transparent as possible, i.e., providing as much information to our citizens as possible, gives them an opportunity to think about the decisions we make.  In addition, being transparent gives citizens an opportunity to provide feedback on our decisions.  This feedback opens an opportunity for two-way communication.  City leadership is continually looking at how to improve the quality of life for our citizens.  We believe that the best decision-making in this regard is a result of multiple perspectives—including the perspectives of our citizens.  The value in two-way communication is that it demonstrates we are listening and responding to our citizens’ concerns, needs, and desires.