The City’s strategy provides a framework with milestones that gauges progress toward a desired future.  Fundamentally, it’s about aligning City Council’s vision and ten goals to ​20190819-goals.pngthe mission of the organization. The vision describes an ideal future; the goals are how we plan to get there and the mission identifies what the organization does to successfully achieve the ideal future. ​Strategy cascades into the departments, di​visions, and teams of the organization. Goals, strategies, initiatives are the cornerstone of the City’s strategic plan. They provide a roadmap for growth and prosperity. They define what we will accomplish, by whom, and by when.​​​​​​​ City Council's Goals establish priorities for the organization.  City Council adopted new goals in 2017 to reaffirm a commitment to creating a "Community for a Lifetime."  Each goal provides a framework and to manage the work of the city to align programs, initiatives, and strategies with these goals.

City Council's 10 Goals 

Grow the Local Economy

Create a Financially Sustainable City Providing Excellent Services 

Improve the Transportation System 

Revitalize Neighborhoods and Plan for the Future 

Be a Competitive First Class Resort for Residents, Businesses, and Tourists

Be the Safest City in Virginia

We Are an Inclusive Community That Is Welcoming and Empowers All

Our Community Has World Class Schools and Educational Programs 

Data and Technology Is Used To Enhance Comm​unity Livability, Prosperity, and Sustainability 

City Assets and Infrastructure Are Well Maintained and Meet Community Expectations​

In 2018, City Council identified five priority areas that need to be addressed over the next 3-5 years. 

City Council's Five Priorities 

Sea Level Rise/Stormwater 


Public Safety 


Economic Development  

 Local Economy

  • Pursue opportunities for Research & Development (R&D) and medical related businesses
  • Develop Burton Station as a major business center and neighborhood community
  • Retain and grow existing businesses
  • Expand higher paying job opportunities
  • Expand skill based training through partnerships with the School Division, Tidewater Community College, and other education institutions preparing for 21st Century job opportunities
  • Attract new businesses in the targeted industries of biomedical, health care and life sciences, finance, insurance and real estate, information technology and professional services, advanced manufacturing, retail
  • Enhance opportunities for citizens to increase wealth and prosperity
  • Be recognized as the Regional Center for innovators and entrepreneurs

 Financially Sustainable

  • Deliver City services in the most cost-effective manner
  • Maintain “AAA” bond rating
  • Expand public understanding of the price of government linking to the cost of services and citizens’ expectations, needs and the ability to pay
  • Increase satisfaction with easy access to City services
  • Increase citizen involvement and engagement​

 Transportation System

  • Secure adequate funding for transportation projects
  • Reduce congestion and improve traffic flow
  • Explore more alternative modes of transportation
  • Advocate for high speed linking Hampton Roads to Northern Virginia and beyond
  • Better mass transit by improving frequency and reliability
  • Become a “Test Center” for emerging transportation technologies

 Revitalize Neighborhoods

  • ​Create a “sense of place” with a 15-minute radius in designated areas
  • Improve neighborhood infrastructure and City amenities
  • Reuse aging commercial areasn
  • Use Community Vision, Strategic Growth Area Plans, and Comprehensive Plan to guide future development and land use
  • Increase home values throughout the City
  • Protect natural resources and waterways
  • Update/upgrade and diversify neighborhood aging housing stock
  • Develop flex-use spaces​

 First Class Resort

  • Safer and more inviting environment for families: 24 hours a day
  • More variety of facilities and activities, including participatory events and local participation
  • Be a year-round destination
  • Optimize the potential of the Convention Center: Convention Hotel, Arena, Field House, Dome Site
  • Increase residents’ understanding of the value and enjoyment of tourism to the community
  • Leverage tourism dollars to aggressively market Virginia Beach as a resort destination
  • Become known as the “Amateur Sports Capital” of the East Coast
  • Expand the ViBE District as a destination​

 Safest City

  • ​Maintain lowest crime rate in Virginia with the highest clearance rate
  • Have the capacity to deal with mental health issues and needs
  • Be prepared for, respond to, and recover from catastrophic events
  • Have a well-trained, well equipped public safety staff
  • Have community policing that creates a sense of community
  • Recruit and retain a top quality public safety workforce

 Inclusive Community

  • ​Supportive services available to all residents when needed
  • Enhance the range of public engagement strategies and methods to build awareness
  • Have equitable access to city procurement and services
  • Increase citizen understanding of the city, city services and programs
  • Present accurate information to the community
  • Have effective means of citizen engagement and involvement in the governance process
  • All citizens feeling welcome​

 World Class Schools

  • Achieve equity for a quality education for individuals from birth to adulthood
  • Provide a broad range of arts and cultural resources and activities
  • Expand the presence of Tidewater Community College and other higher learning institutions
  • Collaborate with the school division and the entire community to ensure that all students are successful in school, graduate on time and are productive and engaged global citizens

 Data and Technology

  • Improve City services through strategic use of web-based technologies and systems
  • Foster equitable economic prosperity and stability through community access to technology
  • All citizens and businesses have access to state-of-the-art broadband services
  • Use City public data to spark innovation, promote collaboration, increase government transparency and inform decision making
  • Use data in developing City policies and services​

 City Assets & Infrastructure

  • Protect water resources
  • Maintain high performance infrastructure systems citywide by retrofitting, designing for adaptability and investing in new technologies
  • Have an effective stormwater managemen​t system that is well-designed, well-built, and well-maintained
  • Have well-designed, well-built, and well-maintained streets and sidewalks
  • Align policies and codes to minimize the effects of stormwater runoff for new development and redevelopment
  • Prepare city infrastructure for sea level rise
  • Have well designed, well-built and well-maintained city buildings and facilities