​​​Innovation in the City of Virginia Beach begins in our Innovation Center.  It is there that the environment is created that allows individuals, teams, divisions, and departments to begin to dream, play, and take risks to (re)define their work life.  Our Center provides labs with flexible set-up and conference rooms with a more conventional large table set up.  Inside these rooms are white boards, internet hookups, and multi-media connections.  Group team building artifacts are tucked in cabinets to be used when needed.  These rooms are open to City employees to reserve and use. 


The STIR Office has currently developed three programs intended to sow seeds of innovation throughout the organization.  A four hour workshop highlights practical methods of improving processes by examining eight common areas of waste and providing techniques for identifying, tracking and minimizing them.  A four hour workshop in Human Centered Design picks up the human element of innovation and provides tools and processes for looking at the world around us and constantly changing and transforming it for the better.  Finally, we have a four day Innovation Academy that delves deeper into the world of process improvement, providing tools, activities and experiences.  Practical tools and hands-on real City of Virginia Beach projects bring these concepts, tools, and methods to life and lock the learning in. 


Sparking all this is a dynamic staff of six, each bringing their own unique personality, knowledge, skills and abilities to make this Center, this initiative a moving force within the City of Virginia Beach.