Pembroke SGA

The vision for the Pembroke SGA is a central urban core with a vertical mix of urban uses; great streets, mobility and transit alternatives; urban gathering places; environmental and neighborhood preservation and enhancement; green buildings; and infrastructure opportunities providing a variety of civic, commercial, artistic and ethnically diverse areas.

​​​​​The SGA Now

plan drawing of business sector

The Pembroke Strategic Growth Area (SGA) is a 1200 acre tract of land generally bound by Thalia Creek to the east, Jeanne and Broad Streets to the north, Clearfield Avenue to the west, and Bonney and Baxter Roads to the south.
For the most part, this SGA reflects a classic suburban pattern of development. It includes some residential and institutional uses, but is dominated by commercial and industrial uses. An exception is Town Center. This vibrant, mixed-use urban center has established itself as a special destination within Virginia Beach and the larger metropolitan area. It is a well-designed urban center with a complement of office, retail, residential, educational, entertainment, cultural, restaurant, open spaces and other uses.
The Pembroke SGA is served by Interstate 264 and two major arterial roadways, Virginia Beach Boulevard and Independence Boulevard. An unused rail line passes through this area extending from the Norfolk city line to the vicinity of the oceanfront resort area.​​​​​​

The Plan

The Pembroke SGA Implementation Plan describes and provides planning policies for six subareas as shown on the Urban Master Plan/Districts Map. These include the Central Business District’s Core Area, Bonney Area, and Waterfront Area. It also encompasses the Central Village District, Western Campus District and Southern Corporate District. This framework concentrates a high density mix of complementary urban uses within a defined central area, creates a skyline for Virginia Beach, and provides for decreasing land use densities from the core.
images of 3 buildings 
General recommendations for the Pembroke Strategic Growth Area are to:
  • Implement Transit-Oriented Development around planned transit stations
  • Establish policies for alternative housing/workforce housing
  • Tailor a Form Based Code for each district
  • Establish a Cultural Arts District in the Core Area
  • Expand the Pembroke SGA to include Mount Trashmore Park and South Independence Commercial corridor
  • Design and build the entire length of Cleveland Street to Greenwich Road as a 'Complete Street' to be an attractive and efficient thoroughfare serving many modes of travel
  • Develop a public facilities strategy for City-owned lands considering recreation, library, museum, theaters and other uses

The Development Process

Interested in developing in this SGA?  Pre-Design meetings are strongly encouraged for all new developments located within a Strategic Growth Area. The purpose of this meeting is to address how the proposal complements the SGA Plan and critical issues associated with the proposed land use, site design, building design, supporting infrastructure needs, and any other concerns about the project. These Pre-Design meetings will also help identify expectations and assist in establishing lines of communication to help the project move through the land development and plan review processes smoothly.