Newtown SGA

The vision for the Newtown SGA is a new mixed-use village center, state of the art business parks, an educational campus, new light industrial space, and new residential neighborhoods.

​​​​​​​The SGA Now

This Strategic Growth Area is a western gateway to the City of Virginia Beach and is bisected by I-264. Much of the area is developed with low to mid-rise structures
representing a mix of office and light industrial uses of varying quality. There are a
number of undeveloped and underdeveloped properties located throughout this SGA. The  eastern most transit stop on the Hampton Roads Transit Light Rail system that serves Norfolk is immediately west of this SGA. This transit stop is convenient to much of the Newtown SGA and will enable the redevelopment of the study area as a transit-oriented district.

Newtown Road is located in the center of the region and at the convergence of major highways and future transit. This SGA is attractive to businesses seeking easy access to regional highways and the interstate system and is a highly visible portal to the city. The addition of transit will increase the value of Newtown as an area of future economic development at higher densities.​

​The Plan

The Newtown SGA Plan emphasizes that land uses in the Newtown SGA will transition over time to reflect increased land values achieved by improved access and proximity to the new light rail  station in Norfolk. A new mixed-use district will emerge. Business and light industrial uses will tolerate noisy areas along I-264 and take advantage of high visibility from the interstate. The old Arrowhead Industrial Park, an anomaly today, will be replaced by a new residential neighborhood, consistent with existing adjacent residential areas.
Guiding Recommendations for the Newtown SGA
  • Reinforce the Newtown site as the “Gateway” into Virginia Beach
  • Create interconnected pedestrian and street frameworks
  • Build parks and open spaces throughout the site
  • Build mixed-use, mixed-income, transit-oriented development
  • Strengthen education and training institutions in the district
  • Build at a compatible scale next to existing neighborhoods
  • Extend a bicycle and trail system through the site
  • Celebrate light rail as a centerpiece in a gateway public space
  • Develop a shared parking strategy
  • Coordinate transportation improvements including Light Rail, Newtown Road, the Greenwich/Cleveland Flyover, and I-264 access/widening
  • Develop design guidelines for the district

The Development Process

Interested in developing in this SGA?  Pre-Design meetings are strongly encouraged for all new developments located within a Strategic Growth Area.The purpose of this meeting is to address how the proposal complements the SGA Plan and critical issues associated with the proposed land use, site design, building design, supporting infrastructure needs, and any other concerns about the project. These Pre-Design meetings will also help identify expectations and assist in establishing lines of communication to help the project move through the land development and plan review processes smoothly.