Lynnhaven SGA

The vision of the Lynnhaven SGA is series of mixed-use and flexible developments along with targeted public infrastructure improvements. The under-performing commercial properties will have the opportunity to transform themselves into higher intensity uses to, in some cases, take advantage of the potential of transit, and, in other cases, to preserve and provide access to the Lynnhaven River. At the center of the redevelopment may be a new transit station that can provide park-and-ride, connection to nearby office uses, and transfer service to Lynnhaven Mall.

​​​The SGA Now

The Lynnhaven SGA takes its name and heritage from the Lynnhaven River system that is a major presence throughout. The entire area is heavily impacted by AICUZ restrictions associated with flight patterns at NAS Oceana, including noise zones and two accident potential zones. This gateway to the Great Neck peninsula exhibits an excessive number of nonconforming signs, overhead utilities, roadway access points and building and site designs. Much of this is due to the London Bridge area being one of the oldest commercial areas in the City, and its retrofit with a modern roadway system has improved function more than appearance.  
This SGA is attractive to businesses seeking easy access to transportation and serving the vast residential areas surrounding it. It offers an I-264 interchange, including new on-off ramps to London Bridge Road, three major crossing arterial connections, and is under study for a potential future transit stop.

​​​​​The Plan

The Lynnhaven SGA seeks to capitalize on existing adjacent assets such as the Lynnhaven River/ London Bridge Creek and healthy neighborhoods. Land Uses are oriented to maintaining the potential for a district that provides these neighborhoods with a place to work, learn and play, all within an easy walk or short drive.
The following Design Principles will guide the proper frameworks and strategies for implementation of the plan:
  • Enable a clear and easy-to-access open space and recreation network;
  • Capitalize on the value of the water and marshlands;
  • Meet the Chesapeake Bay Act mandates to protect and restore the Lynnhaven River and its tributaries;
  • Locate compatible uses that are consistent with the APZ-1/Clear Zone Master Plan, APZ Zones, and AICUZ restrictions;
  • Strengthen existing neighborhoods through providing community services and convenience retail;
  • Improve multi-modal connections from the adjacent neighborhoods;
  • Connect future transit to employment, recreational destination, and park-and-ride;
  • Enable flexible development sites and building types to respond to ever-changing market needs and development programs;
  • Coordinate transportation planning and development; and
  • Build on the existing good balance between homes, jobs, and services.

The Development Process

Interested in developing in this SGA?  Pre-Design meetings are strongly encouraged for all new developments located within a Strategic Growth Area. The purpose of this meeting is to address how the proposal complements the SGA Plan and critical issues associated with the proposed land use, site design, building design, supporting infrastructure needs, and any other concerns about the project. These Pre-Design meetings will also help identify expectations and assist in establishing lines of communication to help the project move through the land development and plan review processes smoothly.