Burton Station SGA

The vision for the Burton Station SGA includes a medium density residential and neighborhood commercial village, an expanded industrial park with an improved network of street connections, a new commercial center to complement the retail outlets, and commercial corridors reconfigured to create a more continuous development pattern of multi-story buildings accommodating residential, commercial, and office uses.

​​​​The SGA Now

This SGA has experienced significant changes in and around it since the original plan was adopted in 2009, including development of the Premium Outlet Mall to the south and a dwindling population of residents on Burton Station Road. Norfolk International Airport to the west continues to have a major impact on much of the SGA, both as a neighbor and a major landholder. A number of capital improvement projects, including the new Tolliver Road, improvements to Burton Station Road, extended water and sewer, a new pump station, and a new fire/EMS station, will create shovel-ready sites once completed.

​​​​The Plan

The Burton Station SGA Master Plan recognizes significant opportunities for economic development resulting from the large expanses of undeveloped land in close proximity to interstate, rail, and air connections. While areas closest to the airport are recommended for flexible light industrial/office uses, the eastern half of the SGA allows for a variety of residential, commercial and office uses to accommodate changing market demand.

Key Recommendations of the Plan

  • Burton Station Village is redeveloped to create a medium density commercial and residential village, offering housing options in close proximity to the surrounding commercial and employment centers.
  • The Northampton Boulevard, Diamond Springs, and Baker Road corridors are redeveloped with commercial, traditional office, multi-family residential, or a mix of these uses to expand development opportunities that can accommodate market changes without compromising development quality.
  • The Airport Industrial Park to the north remains and a similar development pattern of flexible light industrial/office space eventually expands to the Airport Authority’s property to the south. Improved street connections link these areas and diffuse traffic from the main arterials.

The Projects

There are several capital improvement projects underway in the Burton Station SGA which are described on the Burton Station Projects page.   

Interested in Developing in the Burton Station SGA?

Pre-Design meetings are strongly encouraged for all new developments located within a Strategic Growth Area. The purpose of this meeting is to address how the proposal complements the SGA Plan and critical issues associated with the proposed land use, site design, building design, supporting infrastructure needs, and any other concerns about the project. These Pre-Design meetings will also help identify expectations and assist in establishing lines of communication to help the project move through the land development and plan review processes smoothly.