Burton Station Projects

​​​​​​There are several projects underway in the Burton Station SGA. Click on the links below to find more information.

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Projects

The Burton Station CIP projects provide funding for design and construction of new streets with utilities and drainage within an existing neighborhood where public sanitary sewer service, public water service, and storm drainage are currently not available, except in limited areas. The alignment of Burton Station Road will remain as it currently exists, while all other roads will be new alignments to provide a residential area of redevelopment and provide separate commercial development that transitions into the adjacent Northampton Boulevard corridor, Airport Industrial Park, and a golf course office park. The project is divided into several phases.

​City of Norfolk/Simon Property Group's Proposal for Outlet Mall

​The City of Norfolk is pursuing development of an Outlet Mall in the Burton Station area west of Lake Wright.  The proposed developed straddles the Norfolk/Virginia Beach boundary line but is located entirely on property owned by the City of Norfolk.  The proposed plan includes a parking lot and stormwater management facility on the Virginia Beach side which requires a rezoning.

Rezoning requests must go through the standard Planning Commission and City Council public hearing process.  The Virginia Beach Planning Commission reviews applications submitted for changes to zoning districts, conditional use permits, street closures, zoning ordinance and plan amendments, and other land use and zoning matters. The Commission makes a recommendation on each item to City Council, who then makes the final determination on the recommended items during one of their regular meetings.

As of July 31, 2014, the Simon Property Group has withdrawn their rezoning request.

View rezoning application submitted to Virginia Beach.