Burton Station Projects

​​​​​​​There are several projects underway in the Burton Station SGA. Click on the links below to find more information.

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Projects

The Burton Station CIP projects provide funding for design and construction of new streets, utilities and storm drainage in this largely undeveloped area.  The projects have changed since they were originally planned due to a number of changing circumstances, including development of Norfolk's Outlet Mall and the closing of Lake Wright Golf Course.  As a result, the original three phases have been re-organized:  Phase II has been eliminated, Phase III has been split into Phases IIIA and IIIB, and Phase I has been combined with Phase IIIA to be constructed concurrently.  Phase IIIB will eventually include improving the remainder of Burton Station Road, from the midpoint to Miller Store Road.

As part of Phase I, the existing homes along Burton Station Road have been connected to public water and sanitary sewer service.  Additional improvements to Burton Station Road will follow as Phases I and IIIB are implemented.

Baker Road Culvert & Ditch Improvements

This project is for the design and construction to modify infrastructure to include the upgrade of the existing combination pipe/ditch drainage system from Baker Road to Diamond Springs Road, north of Northampton Boulevard. A FY 2004-05 drainage study identified improvements necessary to minimize roadway/property flooding upstream. The Strategic Growth area (SGA) Office has designed a plan for the development of Burton Station; the Baker Road storm water project is being coordinated with the Burton Station SGA project. See CIP 7-0360 Project Detail Sheet for additional information.

Burton Station Road Improvements – Phase I

This project includes design and construction of an improved section of Burton Station Road from Northampton Boulevard to approximately the midway point to Miller Store Road as well as a segment of a new north/south road, Tolliver Road (formerly called Golf Road) intersecting with Burton Station Road and extending 100 feet in either direction. Improved road sections will include two lanes with curb and gutter, sidewalks and street lights. A new pump station and water and sewer lines will also be installed. 

Burton Station Road Improvements – Phase II

This phase has been eliminated as plans for a new transportation network have changed.  Originally, Phase 2 was designed to create a residential loop road linking the new Tolliver Road to a new terminus of Burton Station Road, midway between Northampton Blvd. and Miller Store Road.  The goal at the time was to create a new link between Northampton Blvd. and Miller Store Road - Wesleyan Drive Extended – and truncate Burton Station Road to eliminate cut-through traffic.  Now that Wesleyan Drive Extended will lead straight to the new Outlet Mall, Burton Station Road will remain connected and the loop road is no longer necessary. 

Burton Station Road Improvements – Phase IIIA and IIIB (CIP 9-091)

This project provides funding for design and construction of a new street with utilities, lighting, landscaping, sidewalks and drainage within an existing neighborhood where public sanitary sewer and water service and drainage are currently not available. The alignment will provide an area for commercial and residential development. Phase III is approximately 2,600 linear feet of Tolliver Road from Burton Station Phase I to be cul-de-saced just south of the railroad right-of-way. Additionally, approximately 1,450 linear feet of Air Rail Avenue will be reconstructed in coordination with the utility work needed to provide sanitary sewer service due to relocating an existing pump station. The existing sanitary sewage pump station on Air Rail Avenue requires replacement due to its age and projected sewage flows from the expanded service area.

Phase III has been broken into two parts; Phase IIIA and Phase IIIB. Phase IIIA limits are Tolliver Road from Phase I to the railroad tracks. Phase IIIB is the remainder of the project and is currently on hold. Phase I and Phase IIIA will be combined and constructed together.  See CIP 9-091 Project Detail Sheet for additional information. 

New Burton Station Fire/EMS Station

This project provides for the design and construction of a new Fire and EMS Station in the Burton Station area to service residents and businesses in that area. The station will be a three-bay station, similar to Station 04, Chesapeake Beach, located on Greenwell Road. The station will have administrative office spaces, a day room, a kitchen, sleeping quarters, a locker room and apparatus bays. It is envisioned that this station will require approximately 9,400 square feet (SF) of living/office space, and 4,900 SF for apparatus bays, totaling 14,300 SF. Due to site limitations, it is likely that this station will be a two-story building concept with 3 apparatus bays. The building will house 30 firefighters and 4 EMS personnel. The project site being considered for this project is at the intersection of North Tolliver Road and Burton Station Road, or in that immediate vicinity which is a part of Burton Station Strategic Growth Area.

Burton Station Map

Burton Station satellite view