Burton Station Phase 3

​​​​​Burton Station aerial map 

Project Summary

Burton Station Phase 3 is approximately 2,600 feet of Tolliver Rd. (formerly Golf Rd.) from Phase I to Air Rail Avenue extended, and approximately 175 feet of extension of Air Rail Avenue to connect with Tolliver Road.  Additionally, approximately 1,450 feet of existing Air Rail Avenue must be reconstructed to provide sanitary sewer service to the Phase 3 development. The existing sanitary sewage pumping station fronting on Air Rail Avenue requires rehabilitation or replacement due to its age and projected sewage flows from the expanded service area.  This should be done in conjunction with Phase 3. Storage of storm water must be provided with this development, either by enlarging Burton Pond, or excavation of a separate pond which will drain to Burton Pond.


​​Project Activity ​Begin Date ​Completion Date
​Design​June 2012​July 2014
​Site AcquisitionAugust 2014​September 2015​
​Construction​October 2015​November 2016
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